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IRS to Suspend Notices


Greetings from the Seth & Alexander team!


As the 2021 tax season continues, the IRS will suspend sending certain notices to you as part of an effort to help process more returns. With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacting our tax system, the IRS is taking these steps to mitigate any confusion taxpayers and professionals may have. The IRS is working harder than ever, trying to meet unprecedented demand in returns as well as minimizing the burden for all of you. Below are the notices that will be suspended, effective immediately.


Individual Taxpayer Notices

CP80 - Unfiled Tax Return - Sent when the IRS credited payments and/or other credits to a taxpayer’s account for the tax period shown on the notice, but the IRS hasn’t received a tax return for that tax period.

CP501 - Balance Due (1st) - Reminder of an outstanding balance

CP503 - Balance Due (2nd) - Second reminder of an outstanding balance

CP504 - FInal Balance Due - Notice of Intent to Levy

2802C - Mailed to taxpayers who have been identified as having under-withholding of Federal tax from their wages

CP59 and CP759 - Unfiled Tax Return (1st)

CP516 and CP616 - Unfiled Tax Return (2nd)

CP518 and CP618 - Unfiled Tax Return (FInal) 


Business Taxpayer Notices

CP259 and CP959 - Return Delinquency - IRS sends this notice when there is no record of a prior year return being filed.

CP518 and CP618 - Return Delinquency Final Notice


The IRS will resume issuing notices once their backlog is worked through, and will continue to assess the inventory of prior year returns to determine the appropriate time to do so.

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