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Restricted Property Trust

The 2020 tax season is coming to a close, and we’re sharing some mitigants that could help you as we look ahead to the 2021 season. The Restricted Property Trust (RPT) is a program that could help you with your tax deductibles. If you’re interested in tax deductions, read on! 


What Is It?

The Restricted Property Trust (RPT) is an employer-sponsored plan that provides business continuity through a death benefit and potentially long-term cash accumulation and tax efficient income distribution. The RPT is an attractive supplement/alternative to deferred compensation plans for successful business owners who wish to mitigate income taxes further and appreciate assets.


How Does This Relate To My Business?

This tool can be used for the business owners that are maxing out their current Pension plans (401(k), Defined Benefit, Cash Balance etc..) that are looking for more deductions above these traditional plans. This idea can also be shared for equity owners that are looking to put away funds for ONLY themselves without having to put away monies for their employees. Therefore it is a plan via the business that maximizes contributions & deductions for singular purposes that is very efficient.


How Does It Work? 

Call us and we’ll walk you through the details of how this lines up with your current strategy.

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