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Approaching Texas Annual Report and Franchise Tax Report Deadline

If you are an individual who submits their own Texas Annual Report and Franchise Tax Report, it is possible that you may not get a paper notice of the upcoming due date this year. Therefore, you should be sure to mark your calendars for May 2021 as the due date for this year’s reports and payments. To make this process easier,  Seth and Alexander can handle this process as well as your Corporate Tax Returns so you don’t have to. 


What we need from you:

  1. Texas Taxpayer Number

  2. Webfile Number (Provided by the Texas Secretary of State)



A Copy of your Last Franchise Tax Report Filed


If you have any problems finding the necessary information, our team would be happy to help. Just remember, you may not receive another paper notice of the approaching May 2021 Deadline.


If we plan ahead, we can avoid any filing issues that may arise.

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