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1. Who in my organization will have access to Sharepoint?

You will be listed as the Main Administrator, however the ability to add more people is available.


2. How do I upload files?

To make it more convenient, Sharepoint has the ability to also allow for “Drag and Drop” file uploads.


3. Can I create folders?

You can create subfolders to any folders in your account.  


4. Can I delete folders?

If you create a folder and name it “Delete Files” and place in it documents that you would like deleted, simply let our team know and they will remove unwanted files for you. 


5. What if I already have Sharepoint?

You can have multiple Sharepoint accounts, simply toggle between this one and the others.


6. Who do I call with any issues or questions?

Please contact our Office Assistant, Cecily Marsh at, or call us at 713-965-7572 x726.  She will be available to respond to inquiries beginning Monday, September 11th, 2023, at 8AM Central Time.

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